How to Set Up Bleeds

What are Bleeds?

Bleed definition: when any image or element on a page goes off the sheet, extending beyond the edge of the sheet, leaving no margin, it is said to bleed. Printers cannot print right to the edge of a page, so a slightly larger impression must be printed and then trimmed back with a cutter. It may bleed or extend off one or more sides. Photos, images, clip art, and decorative text elements can all bleed off the page. Particular steps need to be taken in order for your final artwork to be "bleed ready." The following illustration shows the basic idea of how bleeds should look (and not look) in your final document.

Program Specific Instructions

If you need additional assistance, please contact us contact us regarding specific instructions for the design software that you are using.

See our Artwork Guidelines for additional information. See our templates if you need help getting started with your artwork.