Digital Printing

Digital Printing

Variable Data Digital Printing

Variable data printing (VDP or one-to-one marketing) is a form of on-demand digital printing where elements such as text, graphics or entire templates can be dynamically changed "on the fly" without stopping or slowing down the press. Every single revolution of the imaging cylinder represents a unique impression, allowing each printed piece to be different from every other.

Speak directly to each individual customer, not only by name, but also by his or her specific buying history and interests. Not only will you capture attention, but you will also back it up with content that is relevant to each unique recipient.

When you talk to your customers personally, using text, imagery and offers customized to their unique needs and desires, a few things happen:

Variable data printing is also faster, more cost-effective and often generates response rates 3-10 times higher than traditional direct mail. Consider the following:

Our digital printing features the Latest in Ricoh production printing technology. Our printers produce crystal clear images in black and color.

The true value of variable data printing is in the greatly increased response rates that it generates! Give it a shot and catapult your direct sales to the next level. Upload your files now to get started! Upload

If you think you are ready to send us your artwork and data files, please see our Artwork Guidelines and How to Format & Send Mailing Lists first.

Offset Printing

If traditional offset printing is more appropriate for your project, we can do that too. We can do any printing from folios to brochures to muli-page catalogs to postcards.

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