AD-Vantage Marketing began as a kitchen-table-top business in 1984. Glen and Sue Rankin started on a shoestring budget and a burning desire to succeed. Glen’s background was with the Eddie Bauer Company in Seattle where he worked his way up the corporate ladder to Manager of Mail Order Operations. Direct Marketing was in his blood … it’s what he lived, breathed and did best.¬† Back in the early days of AD-Vantage, 20 hour work days were not uncommon … make sales calls during the day and then process mailings by night … catch a cat nap if you could before it’s time to do it all over again! This small beginning shaped their vision and developed important relationships with businesses that are still customers today.
Today, things are quite different. A staff of 25 employees enables AD-Vantage to easily process hundreds of thousands of mail pieces per day … all with precision and great care. Our customer service reps handle the phones to give one-to-one attention and consultation. And, our computer gurus handle the data processing tasks that would make any IT manager green with envy!
It’s a well-oiled machine!
AD-Vantage Marketing is still family oriented (yes, we consider and treat all of our employees as family). We realize that customer service is the driving force of our success. We know that every company has different needs and we strive to tailor every campaign to those specific needs. Companies from start-up to the Fortune 500 trust AD-Vantage Marketing to do it right!

Your success is ours. Choose a mailing partner who is as committed to YOUR success as YOU are!

Notes from our happy customers …

“On behalf of our company, we would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide information to us. The information was invaluable to us as business leaders and non-profits in the community” ~ CL

“I just wanted to thank you for all the excellent service you’ve given to our company. Not only do you help us find the most economical way to do our mailings, you also get them out very quickly” ~ AB

“Thank you so much for suggesting that I place “Address Correction Requested” on our brochure. Of the 1945 pieces we mailed, over 200 came back to us, and the great majority of them had a corrected address. We would have lost these folks had I not followed your suggestion” ~ BF

“Thanks so much for the informative memo on the upcoming changes in postal rates. In addition to keeping this handy for my own use, I will pass it on to others. This once again demonstrated why your company is a business I am pleased to recommend to others. Again, my thanks”~ JV

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