Mailing Services

Mail Services

AD-Vantage Marketing has a tremendous combination of talented, dedicated and experienced employees. Our modern facility, which contains state-of-the-art processing equipment and software, allows us to get the job done right, on time and on budget every time! Our services include...

Inkjet Personalization

Our high-speed inkjet printers are capable of speeds up to 25,000 pieces per hour. We can print variable data and graphics, including "spot color", directly on almost any paper stock. Not only is this less expensive than pressure-sensitive labels of the old days, but it looks much nicer and allows your mail to be highly personalized.


High-Speed Inkjet

Laser Personalization

Our high-capacity laser-imaging department can incorporate any complex database into a highly personalized document. From black to full color text and graphics, your mailers can be personalized, simplex or duplex, with variable messaging and graphics. Imagine an offer that changes from piece to piece, depending on the purchase habits and psychographics of your customer!

Machine Inserting

Our inserting machines can insert up to 6 pages in an envelope with astonishing speed and accuracy. After the contents are inserted, the mail piece travels down the track where it is sealed and metered all in the same pass. This simplified process will save you time and money on your next enveloped mailing.




The Post Office requires all folded (letter size) self-mailers to be tabbed to qualify for automation discounts. By applying two tab closures*, AD-Vantage can save you up to 4 to 5 cents per mail piece in postage. This is usually done in conjunction with inkjet addressing to save you money. You can choose from a variety of tabs, such as frosted, clear (most common), white, gold and silver.


Our high-speed folding machines, can fold your material into a variety of configurations, including right-angle folds, letter folds, and z-folds. With our newest MBO folding machine, mail pieces can be trimmed, scored and perforated on the same pass with the highest accuracy. If your product is not machinable, AD-Vantage will hand fold it to your specifications.

* To save money, it is very important to design your mail piece with the fold at the bottom and open edge at the top. When your mailer is laid out this way, with two tabs along the top edge, it will be eligible for the best possible postage discount. The USPS does not consider a mail piece with an open edge at the bottom to be automaton compatible, and therefore it will not be eligible for any postage discount.

Stamping / Metering

You can choose to use a permit imprint (indicia), or we can apply postage with a meter imprint or a live stamp. When sealing an envelope, postage can be added in the same pass for very little or no cost.

Postage Meter

Postage Meter


Any project, which cannot be processed by machine, can be completed manually by our staff.


Past fulfillment projects have included CD's, water bottles, cellular phone components, laser pens, flash drives, and many other items. Call us to discuss your project and we can offer creative ideas and suggestions.

Drop Shipping / Postage Savings

Depending on your list geography, it may make sense to transfer your mail to the processing or destination delivery post office. This often enables us to reduce your postage up to 4.2 cents per piece (and expedite delivery). Whenever savings can be achieved (or time can be saved), AD-Vantage will handle the logistics and pass the savings on to you!

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is a form of on-demand digital printing, where elements such as text, graphics or entire templates can be dynamically changed "on the fly" based on the associated database without stopping or slowing down the press. Every single revolution of the imaging cylinder represents a unique impression, allowing each piece to be different.

Variable data printing's power is tremendous, often generating response rates 3-10 times higher than traditional direct mail. You can talk to your customers personally, using text, imagery and offers customized to their unique needs and desires! Give digital printing a shot and catapult your direct sales to the next level!

Black & Color Digital Printing

From black to full color, our high-resolution printers can accommodate simplex or duplex sheets up to 13" x 19". Provide your own paper or choose from our large selection of weights and colors. Our competitive pricing can save you money, especially with runs of 5,000 pieces and less. Best of all, you can send the files electronically to save time and avoid the hassle of running around town.

Contact us Contact us if you have any questions or you are ready to take your project to the next level.