Update Reply Mail with IMB

Updating Business Reply and Courtesy Reply Mail
to the Intelligent Mail Barcode

Effective January 2013, all commercial mail pieces claiming automation discounts as well as Business Reply Mail and Courtesy Reply Mail pieces are required to use the new “Intelligent Mail Barcode” (IMB).

Updating your reply mail pieces to the new “Intelligent Mail Barcode” is your responsibility. To be eligible for the deep automation postage discounts on your outbound mail, your inbound reply pieces must also utilize the new IMB.

Update Procedure

Here’s how you update your inbound mail piece to the Intelligent Mail Barcode:

  1. Log on to usps.com, and create your USPS account with "Register / Sign In" in the top right corner.
  2. After signing up, click on the "Business Customer Gateway" link at the bottom of the home page or go to https://gateway.usps.com and sign in.
  3. The next step is to get a Mailer ID (MID) number that will later be used to create the IMB artwork. In the section called "Design & Prepare", click on “Mailer ID” and enter the requested information to get your ID number. Write your MID down for future reference. You’ll need to do this step only once.
  4. Now, to create your new mailer artwork with the Intelligent Mail Barcode, go back to the Design & Prepare section and click on "Automated Business Reply Mail".
  5. Select "Courtesy Reply Mail" if you wish to create a convenient reply piece and have the mailer pay the postage, or, select "Business Reply Mail" if your business has a Business Reply Mail Account in effect and your company will pay the return postage. (You will want to have your Business Reply Account number as well as your current 9 digit zip code handy to enter when prompted.)
  6. Follow the windows in either section where you’ll be prompted to enter your Business Reply Account number, the return delivery address and a few more details about the mail piece. You’ll then go to the Reply Mail Creation box where you can select a standard or custom size mail piece. Next, the preview window will show you what you have created. If all looks correct, advance to the “Download” window and save the artwork for printing. You’ll need to do this for each size of reply mailer.

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