National Change of Address – NCOA

Currently 17% of all households move annually. A lower delivery rate means shrinking profits and wasted postage! That’s why it’s important to update your mail list with National Change of Address (NCOA).

NCOA information is gathered when a residence or business files a change of address with the Post Office. Although the Post Office does not offer NCOA list update service directly, AD-Vantage Marketing can compare your mail list to this data. This allows you to update delivery addresses before you mail… this saves you postage and avoids delivery delays.

AD-Vantage Marketing can NCOA update you mail list at very reasonable rates.

Please contact us for a complete pricing estimate.

There are two levels of NCOA:

  • NCOA18 – National Change of Address with 18 months of move history
  • NCOA48 – National Change of Address with 48 months of move history

You can e-mail your data to us ( or transfer the file using our file upload page. For information regarding file transfers and acceptable file formats, see our guide: How to Send a Mailing List. Your mail list will be updated and returned within 1 to 2 business days.

To improve your NCOA “hit” rate, we will “zip code correct and plus 4″ (part of CASS Certification) your mail list prior to the NCOA process. Our special software assigns missing zip codes, corrects invalid zip codes, and corrects misspellings in city and street names. Ask your account representative for details and pricing.

P.S.  All mailing data files are required to be run through NCOA18, at the minimum, or NCOA48 within 90 days before mailing in order to take advantage of postal presort discounts.